Tuesday 11:50 a.m.–12:20 p.m.

Development with Ansible and VMs

Jeff Schenck

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How do you set up a kick-ass dev environment? I'll share our team's setup and tools that give us a dev environment with superpowers: mirrors production; sets itself up with a single command; documented in code; repeatable and shareable. I hope you learn something you can put into action tomorrow!


  • Introduction
  • What do we want in our dev environment?
    • Repeatable creation
    • Standardized, known base state
    • Isolated environment
    • Mirror staging/production environment
    • Shareable
  • Tool: VMs
    • VirtualBox
      • Compare with pip/virtualenv
    • Vagrant
    • Benefits
      • Repeatable setup
      • Totally isolated environments
  • Tool: Configuration
    • Ansible
      • Compare with Salt, Chef, Puppet, shell scripts
    • Benefits
      • Repeatable setup
      • Configuration documented in code
      • Written in Python!
  • Bonus: CI Integration!
    • TravisCI or Jenkins