Django Unleashed

Andrew Pinkham

Audience level:



New(-ish) to Django? Unclear about the HTTP Request/Response cycle? Not sure how MVC theory maps to actual code? Want a more fundamental understanding of web framework components? Come learn about the parts of Django that are necessary for every website.


Learn the tools necessary to build a website in Django from the author of Django Unleashed, currently available as pre-release from Pearson. This tutorial will introduce you to the philosophy of Django, discuss the fundamental knowledge necessary for every Django site, and provide the external tools necessary to getting started the right way.

The class will start as a lecture, providing an in-depth look at the problems web frameworks solve by starting with the very basics of websites and databases, and moving up the abstraction ladder to help understand why web frameworks behave the way they do. The lecture will then proceed through a working example of Django, demonstrating use of Models, Migrations, Views (Class-Based and Function), Templates, and Forms.

The class will end with a hands-on section. Attendees will be paired up and will cement their newfound knowledge of Django's core by building a website.

Python and Git knowledge are assumed (but Andrew will run a crash course the night before for any who want it). Bring a laptop.