Wednesday 1:30 p.m.–2:20 p.m.

A Nice Problem to Have: Django Under Heavy Load

Joshua "jag" Ginsberg

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"Don't prematurely optimize. Get your project to v1.0." This is a mantra often repeated in the Djangoverse. But what happens after v1.0 launch when your awesome site is being crushed by traffic? Scaling Django under load means finding bottlenecks, leveraging new tools, and customizing code. This talk will show you how it's done.


As "the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines," Django has deservedly earned a strong reputation for getting from concept to v1.0 in record time. The community embraces a philosophy against premature optimization, focusing on delivering the features of a minimally viable product that gets your project off of the ground. But then what? If you're project takes off in popularity, you may very soon find yourself scrambling to scale your app to handle heavy loads.

This talk will cover techniques, technologies, and real-world case studies in identifying bottlenecks and engineering scaling solutions to give high-traffic Django projects room to grow. At the end of this presentation, attendees will wield a greater understanding of tools, strategies, and architectural skills necessary to scaling a Django project to remain successful through its post-v1.0 lifecycle. Beyond blunt measures, topics covered will include bottleneck identification, horizontal scaling concerns, query optimization, non-SQL data-stores, and advanced HTTP caching.