This year we are only running two tutorials, both on
Monday, September 1.

In the morning (9:00 - 12:30) Andrew Pinkham takes you through the architecture of the Django Framework. In the afternoon (1:30 - 5:00) Jacinda Shelly shows you how best to extend Django's admin interface. Click the titles below for a fuller description.

This year tutorials are FREE. To avoid no-shows we ask you to purchase a $100 ticket. If you are logged by the tutor as present we will refund your fees after the tutorial.

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Django Unleashed

Andrew Pinkham

New(-ish) to Django? Unclear about the HTTP Request/Response cycle? Not sure how MVC theory maps to actual code? Want a more fundamental understanding of web framework components? Come learn about the parts of Django that are necessary for every website.

Extending the Django Admin - Beyond the Basics

Jacinda Shelly

The admin interface is widely considered a "killer feature" of Django. At its most basic, you can just register all your models and be on your way, but there's so much more available within Django's admin. In this tutorial, we cover intermediate-advanced usage of the Django admin by extending the admin for use at a fictional library.