Thursday 11 a.m.–11:50 a.m.

Choose Your Own Django Deployment Adventure

Matt Makai, Kate Heddleston

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From WSGI servers and reverse proxies to continuous integration and automated configuration management, the Django deployment environment is a complicated collection of tools for developers new to the framework. This talk explains the most confusing Django deployment topics as chosen by the audience in real-time via text message votes. Bring your phone to participate!


Django deployments involve a complicated collection of software tools that can be difficult for new developers to wrap their heads around. This talk is based on the website Full Stack Python which allows readers to navigate content in the order they choose. With this talk the audience similarly chooses the topics based on real-time text message voting.

We'll start with an overview of the Django deployment stack shown on the Full Stack Python map. After explaining Django deployment topics based on the map, we will dive into five topics with 7 minutes of content per section. The audience will choose the next topic after each section based on two to three immediate choices pulled from the following list: - web servers - WSGI servers - operating systems - source control - configuration management tools - application dependencies - static content hosting - application programming interfaces - task queues - monitoring (exception handling, bug tracking, customer support and performance) - logging - web analytics - web application security - caching - data persistence (databases) - SMTP servers (email) - environments for dev, staging and production