Dave Merwin

Dave Merwin

I believe in the good that is possible when creative people have the tools they need to solve problems. Originally trained as a painter, I was drawn to the possibility of creating completely engaging expereinces by building things with code. To me, developing an application that produces an experience is the highest form of art, because it allows for an unparalleled amount of creative control over the user experience. I firmly believe that these experiences can be used to change both people’s lives and the world at large.

Since 1998, I've been working as a professional creative in photography, videography, design and development. For the last seven years, my work has focused on behavioral health projects for clients and research institutions both large and small. Most of these have focused on depression and traumatic brain injury, and have been funded by the National Institute of Health and the Department of Education.

A lot of artists talk about creating experiences that change people’s lives. I’m no different, but my specific goal is to improve the wellness of my users. To do so is the highest calling that I can imagine for my work.

Aside from being a professional creative, I’m an avid fly fisherman, father of three and married to my beautiful wife since 1998. I live, work and play in Eugene, Oregon. You can follow me on Twitter at @davemerwin and my blog at http://davemerwin.com.


How to build things that matter

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